Outdoor Gear - Camping Equipment - Outdoor Clothing and Footwear Popular Products All the major brands of Outdoor Equipment http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/ Lowe Alpine Alpamayo 70-90 Lowe Alpine Alpamayo 70 - 90 litre rucksack is perfect for trekking and adventure travel, where you need quick and easy access to contents. Rugged and... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/77/43253AWUK/Lowe-Alpine-Alpamayo-7090.html Small Karabiner Amber Glow Small Karabiner Amber Glow... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/99/427564/Small-Karabiner-Amber-Glow.html Womens Crossfell Ii Trousers Coconut Womens Crossfell II Trousers Coconut... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/99/491392/Womens-Crossfell-Ii-Trousers-Coconut.html Eurohike Aqua 0.5l Aluminium Water Bottle Blue Perfect for cold drinks in the outdoors. This tough yet lightweight aluminium bottle from Eurohike has a handy carabiner for easy carriage on bags, be... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/115/74623-218333/Eurohike-Aqua-05l-Aluminium-Water-Bottle-Blue.html Binoculars 8x21cm Black Binoculars 8x21cm Black... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/99/427534/Binoculars-8x21cm-Black.html Womens Crossfell Ii Trousers Coconut Womens Crossfell II Trousers Coconut... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/91/491392/Womens-Crossfell-Ii-Trousers-Coconut.html Trekmates Soft Feel Gps Case Assorted Designed to keep your GPS protected in any conditions, this Soft Feel Case from Trekmates is lightweight and compact enough to store in your daysack, ... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/115/41923-112747/Trekmates-Soft-Feel-Gps-Case-Assorted.html Kids Taz Gloves Ii Pink Kids Taz Gloves II Pink... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/91/395881/Kids-Taz-Gloves-Ii-Pink.html Peter Storm Hike Gaiter Black Water resistant trousers and waterproof boots may do the job nicely, but add a pair of waterproof gaiters and you will be unstopable. The adjustbale s... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/115/73715-215349/Peter-Storm-Hike-Gaiter-Black.html S Karabiner Amber Glow S Karabiner Amber Glow... http://www.moreoutdoorgear.co.uk/product/99/427544/S-Karabiner-Amber-Glow.html