Bridgedale Merinofusion Trekker Womens

  • Bridgedale Merinofusion Trekker Womens
    Bridgedale Merinofusion Trekker Womens
    Walking Socks
    Bridgedale MerinoFusion Trekker socks for women are ideal for year-round wear Warm and comfortable these socks are a real favourite of adventurous women The MerinoFusion technology that Bridgedale incorporate into these Trekker socks is a system of wrapping merino wool with CoolMax fibres This is a fantastic way of ensuring warm socks that are also breathable while wicking away perspiration Merino wool is a very popular material for outdoor clothing Firstly it s a natural fibre and so does not irritate sensitive skin in the same way that some synthetic fibres can It is very soft without the itchiness of ordinary wool and is also a great insulator Merino wool makes for great socks too because it is a naturally antimicrobial It deters bacteria which are the cause of sweat odour to help keep your feet fresh
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