Alaska Ladies Weathertite

  • Alaska Ladies Weathertite
    Alaska Ladies Weathertite
    Women S Footwear
    These super snug Karrimor Alaska Ladies Weathertite boots are perfect for women who need footwear for the winter elements but don t want to compromise on style or comfort Starting with functionality the deep treaded XCR rubber sole offers great grip for those challenging winter conditions The lower part of each boot is made from tough rubber giving extra rigidity and support These boots lace up so can be adjusted easily to fit you perfectly The simple drawstring toggle avoids time wasted tying knots and bows and gets you out and enjoying yourself faster A handy securing loop halfway down the boot keeps your laces tucked away and tidy too The waterproof membrane layer combined with a durable water repellent coating keeps the snow and slush out Meanwhile the breathable lining allows water vapour from hot feet to pass through for dry comfortable feet Moving onto insulation the Karrimor Alaska Ladies Weathertite boots are lined with 200g ThinsulateTM This means your feet are kept cosy through the worst winter has to offer The fleecy lining inside runs all the way down to the toe while the pylon cushioned midsole is topped with a soft fleecy upper Your feet will never have felt so snug To top this off Karrimor have trimmed the cuff of their boots with faux fur blocking any icy draughts Finally we can t finish talking about these boots without mentioning their stand-out style The black version is a classic winter look while the white boots ooze sophistication The D-ring lace loops and faux fur trim fill in the details For any outdoor adventure this winter be it heading to the shops or enjoying apr s ski in the Alps the Karrimor Alaska Ladies Weathertite boots make a great choice for functionality comfort and style Size advice The Karrimor Alaska Ladies Weathertite boots are true to size but are a very snug fit This makes them really cosy but if you re planning on wearing thick socks we d recommend going for a size larger than you might normally choose
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