Bcb Guardsman Handwarmer

  • Bcb Guardsman Handwarmer
    Bcb Guardsman Handwarmer
    Ski Snow Accessories
    If you get cold hands and have never used a handwarmer before then what are you waiting for The Guardsman Handwarmer from BCB is known as the central heating system for your pocket and includes a small green velvet covered metal case and pouch that fits perfectly into your pocket for you to safely burn the charcoal fuel rods inside to produce 8 hours of consistent heat to keep your hands nice and warm in the worst of weathers This Guardsman Handwarmer set also includes a pack of 12 Guardsman solid fuel refills To use them simply ignite one by holding a flame under the one end we recommend with a long match and then blow on the end for about a minute to ensure that about a centimetre is glowing your fuel rod is now ready to be placed inside your case and will offer you lots of much needed warmth
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