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Coleman Bering 6 Tent

  • Coleman Bering 6 Tent
    Coleman Bering 6 Tent
    The Coleman Bering 6 Tent is a spacious 6 person vis- agrave -vis style tent with bedrooms either end and a large central living area making it a fantastic and comfortable tent for getting away camping with the family this summer This tent has a waterproof rating of 3 000 and a PE rising groundsheet to keep you protected from any sudden downpour The bedrooms are made from breathable material and this tent also has multiple ventilation panels to encourage good airflow to ensure that you remain comfortable As you enter this great family tent into the communal living area you will notice that this area has full standing height and a lovely large window with cover and high up storage pockets Each of the bedrooms located on either side offer a nice level of privacy when needed The Bering tent from Coleman is quick and easy to put up meaning that you can set up your camp and start enjoying your summer holiday in your comfortable and convenient home from home
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