Coleman Cpx Clt10 Lantern

  • Coleman Cpx Clt10 Lantern
    Coleman Cpx Clt10 Lantern
    The CPX 6 CLT10 Lantern from Coleman is a long lasting lantern that has an impressive runtime of up to 330 hours on low and 136 hours on high that is powered either by 4D batteries or by a CPX 6 rechargeable unit available separately making it a great choice to take camping with you The CPX 6 CLT10 have Cree LED s which never need to be replaced and it has two modes of light the high mode illuminates up to 6 metres with 65 lumens and the low up to 4 meters on 28 lumens making it a powerful and versatile lantern ideal for sitting outside in the still of night on the campsite or for spending time inside the tent when you are camping
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