Bcb Crusader Ii Cooking System

  • Bcb Crusader Ii Cooking System
    Bcb Crusader Ii Cooking System
    The Crusader Cooking System is an innovative strong and durable cooking set that provides you with everything that you need for backpacking exploring and wild camping it consists of a cooker and cup that are made from high grade hard anodised aluminium and a Nato canteen and mug which all offer a low pack weight and maximum durability The Crusader Cooker II is suitable for multi fuel and due to the design it has an improved burn efficiency which retains as much heat as possible and shields the flame from the wind to be able to offer you a fast boil time of about 5 mins for 500ml The Crusader Cup II that comes with this set and sits securely over the Crusader Cooker thanks to an integral folding arm on the cooker and has a 1 litre capacity with 0 5 and 0 25 litre markings making it perfect as a cooking pot This set also includes a Nato water bottle and mug that are made from heady duty plastic The water bottle has a screw top closure and a holds about 950ml of fluid while the mug that fits neatly over the top of the canteen holds about 500ml and has foldable handles This Crusader Cooking System is from BCB who develop and design high quality products specially for the military and survival situations and this Crusader Cooking System II will quickly become one of your most trusted compact cooking systems in your outdoor gear kit
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