Brunton Truarc 10 Compass

  • Brunton Truarc 10 Compass
    Brunton Truarc 10 Compass
    Any explorer knows that your compass is a vital piece of kit to ensuring that you stay on the right path and the Brunton TruArc 8482 10 Compass has been designed to offer you worldwide field precision making it ideal for the most demanding outdoor adventures both here in the UK and worldwide The Brunton TruArc 8482 range features the TruArc 8482 Global Needle that will not lose polarity resists magnetic interference and is suitable for using in both the northern and southern hemispheres This means you can take your Brunton TruArc 8482 compass with you for all your expeditions in the UK as well for that once in a lifetime adventure in far flung countries and even on the other side of the world The other benefit of the global needle is that readings can be taken without having to stop and lie the compass flat and this coupled with the quick reference cardinal points and high visibility clings make it a great choice not only for globe trotters but also fast paced adventure racers for when navigation data is needed as quickly as possible The TruArc 8482 10 also features a professional grade rare earth magnet known as the Ever-North 8482 magnet which further assists this compass to resist interference and maintain polarity over time And it is all on a double gauge ergonomic base plate for extra durability and comes with a lanyard to be able to keep it close to hand at all times Talking about durability Brunton offer their very own U-Proof guarantee which means that no matter wherever whenever or however you use your Brunton product if you break it they will fix it or replace it no questions asked This compass has been designed to be incredibly versatile reliable and rugged so if you should find that you have meandered off the trail a bit you will be glad that you had your Brunton TruArc 8482 10 compass at hand With all these amazing features it is easy to see why this new compass is now part of the Scouts Nights Away and Expedition Kit List as the Official Scout Compass and Brunton also sponsor the Scout orienteer activity badge
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