Brunton Truarc 5 Compass

  • Brunton Truarc 5 Compass
    Brunton Truarc 5 Compass
    The Brunton TruArc 8482 5 Compass is a versatile and simple compass that offers reliability and durability with a global needle making it ideal for hiking and orienteering wherever you are in the world The Brunton TruArc 8482 range features the TruArc 8482 Global Needle that will not lose polarity resists magnetic interference and is suitable for using in both the northern and southern hemispheres This means you can take your Brunton TruArc 8482 compass with you for all your expeditions in the UK as well for that once in a lifetime adventure in far flung countries and even on the other side of the world This is a great all round compass that is compact has both metric and standard scales and a longer baseplate for easier triangulation and a magnifier to view the smallest detail on any map It is a reliable and accurate little compass that has an easy and tool less declination compensation to make it a brilliant all round compass and it has just been added to the Scout Official Kit List Brunton believe so much in the quality of their products that they offer their very own U-Proof guarantee which means that no matter wherever whenever or however you use your Brunton product if you break it they will fix it or replace it no questions asked
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