Coghlans Magnetic Bear Bell

  • Coghlans Magnetic Bear Bell
    Coghlans Magnetic Bear Bell
    We know that we don t get many bears in the UK however the Coghlan s Bear Bell has proven to be a real hit with our customers especially for using with their dogs to be able to locate their cheeky pup is as well as to alert wildlife of their presence The bell on this Bear Bell measures roughly 4cm and comes on a strong Velcro attachment that can quickly and easily be looped onto your clothing rucksack or onto your dog s collar it also comes with a magnetic silencer too So whether you are heading off to hike the trails and want to reduce the risk of startling a grizly or whether you want to keep an ear out for your faithful hound and give other wildlife a heads up when they are snuffling in the undergrowth then the bear bell is an inexpensive and fantastic practical and simple gadget
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