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Alite Mayfly 2 0 Chair

  • Alite Mayfly 2 0 Chair
    Alite Mayfly 2 0 Chair
    Camp Furniture
    The Alite Mayfly Chair is an extremely lightweight and compact chair that offers excellent comfort and versatility so that you have somewhere comfortable to sit back relax and admire the view The Mayfly is a three legged convertible seat that has been based on the original tent pole seat that bought Alite to fame the Monarch Chair The versatility of the Mayfly s removable front foot means that you can either just sit on two legs which will allow you to rock forward and back and pivot naturally and comfortably or you can add the front foot to give you more stability like the Mantis Chair This compact seat weighs around 720g and is quick and easy to set up and when you are ready to go the Mayfly collapses down into a much smaller package than standard outdoor chairs and can easily fit easily into your backpack The Mayfly chair is perfect for using on firm soft and uneven ground making it ideal for taking for a day at the beach music festival at the campsite or on a long walk or simply for spending a comfortable afternoon anywhere outdoors Hello from Alite We re a small group of rabblerousers that wants you to go outside more Since our home base is San Francisco we know first-hand that city living is a lame excuse for being cooped up Magical outdoor fun is all around us no matter the location And we make a bunch of cool stuff that helps you get out there
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