Coghlan S Heavy Duty Camp Grill

  • Coghlan S Heavy Duty Camp Grill
    Coghlan S Heavy Duty Camp Grill
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    The Heavy Duty Camp Grill from Coghlan s is a robust grill perfect for cooking over open fires It is ideal for outside cooking whether creating a long-term heavy duty camping kitchen or BBQing in the garden The steel frame and diamond-shaped heavy gauge iron mesh mean the grill is ideal when using cast iron cookware pots or pans It is also equally suited to sizling sausages or any other delicious BBQ-food directly on the grill itself without risk of it slipping into the fire The large grill surface means that you are easily able to cook several things at once meaning your main and sides will all be ready at the same time The sturdy legs fold underneath the grill when not in use so the whole unit packs flat for compact transport and storage
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