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Egyptian Cotton: A high quality cotton with fibres much longer and stronger than normal cotton.

Emergency Blanket:  A compact and lightweight blanket made with a super-insulating material and reflective covering that protects against hypothermia and exposure.

Encapsil: A process that coats fibres with a waterproofing compound before they are woven, resulting in a highly water resistant fabric with no traditional coating that stiffens the fabric or can wear off prematurely. 

EVA n: Short for Expanded Vinyl Acetate. This is the closed-cell foam in the midsole of many athletic, trail running and hiking shoes. EVA is used for its cushioning qualities since it is lighter and softer than the other major midsole ingredient -- polyurethane, or PU.

Evaporation: The process of water changing state from a liquid into a gas. Sweat evaporating directly from your skin uses heat energy from your body to fund this process. Specially designed base layer garments draw sweat from the skin to their outer surfaces for evaporation and reduce body heat loss. The process of evaporation leaves behind microbes and bacteria which can cause odours.

eVent: ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) film that has been rendered oil-repellant.

External-Frame Backpack:  A backpack with its frame on the outside of the pack.

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