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Hard shell: A fully waterproof, breathable outer garment.

Hip Belt:  A backpack's lower belt, which straps around the waist, just above the hips, to take some of the packs weight off the shoulders, making the backpack easier to carry.

Hollow fibre: Synthetic fibres with longitudinal voids which increase insulating ability. Typically polyester fibres used in the form of non-woven wadding in synthetic sleeping bags and clothing.

Hollofil II:  A synthetic, hollow-fiber material used as an insulating fill in many sleeping bags and is significantly warmer than an equivalent weight of solid fibers.

Housing: the rotating part of the compass that holds the damping fluid, the magnetic needle and has degrees engraved around its edge from 1 to 360. Also known as the Azimuth Ring.

Hydrophobic: A treatment or characteristic of yarns to repel water. Often the yarns that will be next to the skin of a base layer garment are treated so they repel sweat to the outer surface of a garment.

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