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Napoleon Pocket: A pocket located on the chest of a garment (usually an outer layer) accessed by reaching across the front of the body with the opposite hand. Most other types of pocket are easily obstructed by rucksack straps, climbing harness, and other climbing equipment (such as slings) carried over the shoulder.

Neoprene: A synthetic polymer, most commonly used in it’s expanded form in wet suits, due to it’s good insulation and stretch properties.

Nubuck: A leather finishing process, not a type of leather. It involves sanding the top grain leather surface which gives it a "fuzzy" appearance. This surface texture is sometimes mistaken for suede, but nubuck is actually a full-grain leather. It can be factory treated for waterproofness.

Nylon: First produced in 1938, nylon was the first completely synthetic fiber developed. Known for its high strength and excellent resilience, nylon has superior abrasion resistance and high flexibility; up to twice as durable as polyester.

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