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Permethrin: A contact insecticide, predominantly used on mosquito nets to provide protection against being bitten through the net (when the net lies directly on the skin, for example). Also has insect repellent properties. It is recommended that regularly used nets are re-treated every 6 months.

Pertex: A range of high quality, tightly woven nylon microfibre fabrics used extensively for sleeping bags, down clothing and lightweight windproof garments.

Pilling: The unsightly ‘bobbling’ that occurs on the surface of some fabrics such as fleece. Good quality fleece will be resistant to pilling.

Pit-zip: A zip opening located under the arm of a garment to allow for extra ventilation and cooling when needed.

Polartec: A range of high quality fleece fabrics, available in many different weights and textures. The numbers that are sometimes used after the name (100, 200, 300) refer to the fabric weight (thickness). Polartec 100 is very versatile and used predominantly for shirts and lightweight garments. Polartec 200 is used predominantly for midweight jackets. Polartec 300 is predominantly used for heavy weight jackets, but is not so popular due to it’s bulk.

Polyester: A manufactured fiber introduced in the early 1950s, and is second only to cotton in worldwide use. Polyester has high strength (although somewhat lower than nylon), excellent resiliency, and high abrasion resistance. Low absorbency allows the fiber to dry quickly.

Polypropylene: A manufactured fibre characterized by its light weight, high strength, and abrasion resistance. Polypropylene is also good for creating a wicking action and moisture transport. (also known as Polyolefin and Olefin).

Powerstretch: A single sided fleece fabric with excellent stretch and recovery. Used especially for close fitting garments.

Prismatic compass: a compass with a mirror designed to allow a user to see both distant objects being sighted and the compass face at the same time.

Protractor: sometimes built into a compass, this instrument allows you to determine and measure angles in degrees and is most useful when projecting magnetic lines across your map.

Polarguard: A synthetic, continuous-filament polyester, known for its durability and warmth and used in some sleeping bags.

Polartec: A high-performance, lightweight, fleece fabric often used for sports and outdoor recreation clothing.

Poncho: A simple, waterproof garment, with a hole for your head in the middle, which is usually hooded, intended to keep you dry in the rain.


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