Berghaus Extrem Nunat Reflect Down Jacket

  • Berghaus Extrem Nunat Reflect Down Jacket
    Berghaus Extrem Nunat Reflect Down Jacket
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    The Berghaus Extrem Nunat Reflect Insulated Jacket is a fully featured mid-weight and versatile down jacket that has been designed to perform in the harshest of mountain conditions This gorgeous winter jacket has a really soft and super-lightweight luxurious outer fabric that offers an excellent level of protection from the wind yet is highly breathable for comfort As for the insulation Berghaus have combined three of their best technologies to offer the most effective insulation ideal for extreme conditions they have used their own revolutionary HydroDown insulation placed it in the most effective way using their body mapping technology and then added a reflect technology too The HydroDown reg insulation is a water resistant down that has been treated by Nikwax and offers excellent levels of performance and water repellency during use for up to 16 hours ensuring that you stay dry in damp conditions Berghaus have then used their body mapping technology to deliver precision heat zones where your body needs the heat the most for efficient warmth and then they have finally used reflect technology which is an aluminium mesh that has been sewn into the core of the jacket and that reflects body heat back in order to increase your warmth by up to 10 This super-lightweight jacket also has baffles under the arms snug cuffs a low profile hood and adjustable hem to ensure that you can keep your heat in and keep the chilly winds out making it a fantastic choice of down jacket for enjoying a great day out on the mountains and the hills TestYourExtrem
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