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DEET: The chemical diethyl-meta-tolamide in insect repellents.

Denier: A scale for the heaviness (largely related to thickness) of fibres in a fabric. The higher the denier, the thicker the fiber. The denier value is defined as the mass in grams per 9000 meters of yarn. Choosing a high denier fabric doesn’t mean it will be any stronger, for example a 600D nylon is probably more durable than a 1000D polyester.

Descender: Device used for abseiling.

Dome Tent: A geodesic domed tent supported by a series of apex-crossing support poles anchored in grommets from one side to the other, which makes the tent wind resistant.

Dreamlite Nylon: A lightweight down proof ripstop nylon with a fine PU coating on the reverse.

Duraflex: The brand name for plastic buckles made by National Mouldings.

DWR Treatment: An ultra-thin treatment of durable water repellent polymer applied to fabric after manufacturer. The coating penetrates the fibers and lowers the surface tension of the fabric, causing water to bead up and roll off the garment instead of being absorbed. DWR is not a waterproofing treatment by itself and is gradually removed through use and washing. DWR treatments can be applied using products such as Nikwax® and Grangers®.

Dyneema: A type of polyester fibre with a very high tensile strength. Typically used to reinforce woven fabrics used in high wear areas. Can not be dyed, so is always white in colour.