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Mantle: A small mesh bag in a lantern, which fills with gas and , when ignited by a flame, gives off brillant illumination.

Merino wool: Provides good insulation, durability, odour resistance, and moisture absorption, but due to it’s very fine fibres feels very soft and does not have the itch of normal wool. Used extensively in socks and some brands of underwear.

Microclimate: Typically used to refer to the climate (i.e. temperature and humidity) within a clothing system, particularly next to the skin. Performance clothing systems attempt to keep this microclimate at a comfortable level, irrespective of environmental conditions and workload.

Microfibre: The name given to ultra-fine manufactured fibers of less than one denier per filament or DPF. That’s one hundred times finer than a human hair. Microfibres can be manufacturer from polyester, acrylic rayon or nylon. When woven they produce incredible soft fabrics often used base layer garments.

Microporous: Laminates and coatings that are manufactured to have tiny holes within their structure. These holes are large enough for water vapour molecules to pass through yet many times too small to allow the passage of water droplets. An ePTFE membrane is an example of a microporous membrane.

Mid layer: Garment worn over a baselayer and under a shell layer to provide additional insulation (if required).

Midsole: The midsole is sandwiched between the outer sole and the upper shoe. It can be made of several materials to change the characteristics of the shoe such as; comfort, durability and support.

Mummy Bag: A hooded sleeping bag, which is tapered at both ends reducing air space within the bag and thereby conserving body heat.

MVTR: Moisture vapour transmission rate. A measure of how much moisture vapour can pass through a fabric in a given time.