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Scree Collars: Lightly padded cuff at the top of a boot upper that keeps out debris.

Seam Tape: An adhesive tape that is used to seal the seams and stitch holes created when making a waterproof garment. Heat is required to melt the adhesive and bond the tape onto the fabric lining. Poor quality tapes and the incorrect application of the tape can cause a garment to leak.

Seam Sealer: A waterproofing coating that is applied to a tent's seams.

Soft Shell: A thin, lightweight garmet, which is wind and rain resistant, and used as the top layer of outdoor clothing.

Sleeping Bag: An insulated, zippered, roll-up sack for sleeping in the great outdoors.

Sleeping Pad/Mat: A thin, insulating pad placed beneath the sleeping bag to prevent loss of body heat into the ground and to add some comfort to sleeping on a hard surface.

Space Blanket: A waterproof, lightweight, insulated and thermally-reflective, emergency blanket that is designed to conserve body heat.

Spray Rating: A British Standard for measuring the water repellence of a fabric.

Stuff Sack: A close-fitting, nylon or cloth sack with a drawstring closure made for stowing tents, sleeping bags etc.

Synthetic Nubuck: Synthetic fibers are bonded together and finished with a suede-like texture for added durability. Although it is less breathable and less waterproof than leather, it is much less expensive.