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    An Alternate Christmas Dinner

    01 December 2008

    Simply Hike

    Cooking a roast turkey with all the trimmings isn't overly easy when on top of a mountain. If you were wondering how to spice up your meal on Christmas day Simply Hike have the answer with their massive range of food. From space food to curries, puddings and fair trade energiser bars they have it all. Here are a few tasty looking treats to excite your taste buds this holiday;

    Freeze dried food
    These make awesome gifts for Christmas as well as being scrummy. The food is freeze dried, then becomes re-hydrated as you put it in your mouth. Originally designed for astronauts you can get;

    Freeze dried Strawberries - Only £2.50

    Freeze dried Neopolitan Ice Cream - Only £2.99

    Freeze dried Ice Cream Sandwich (vanilla ice cream in chocolate wafers) - Only £2.99

    Freeze dried Saucer Pack (vanilla ice cream in 2 chocolate cookies) - Only £2.99

    Meal Pouches

    These pouches are ready to eat hot or cold and come in a huge assortment of meals. They take 7-8 minutes to cook in boiling water and don't need to be kept refrigerated and they last up to 3 years. You can get your breakfast, lunch and dinner in these pouches without having to do any washing up. Some of them even come with their own heating system! Here are a few recommended ones to try;

    All day breakfast pouch - Only £4.00

    Everything you need to get your morning off to a good start. It is as good as a home made breakfast and will keep you going the whole day long.

    Chicken Tikka Masala pouch - Only £4.00

    You can eat this hot or cold straight from the pouch, and if you were worried about rice, fear not Simply Hike also stock the Pilau Rice pouch (only £2.50) to go with it!

    Beef Stew and Dumplings Food Kit - Only £7.00

    A nice beef stew warms every part of your body, this traditional meal which is a favourite amongst many even has it's own built in heating system and cutlery in the pack. You simply add water to the heating system which causes a reaction, generates some heat and 12-15 minutes later you can get stuck in.

    Meatballs and Pasta Pouch - Only £4.00

    Fancy something Italian instead of a turkey? Take a look at the pasta options! Meatballs are a classic and will certainly stop your tummy rumbling this Christmas. If meatballs don't take your fancy, why not try Chicken Pasta and Mushrooms in a pouch (£4.00)

    Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni Pouch - Only £4.00

    Vegetarian or Vegan? Why not try this scrumptious meal pouch. It's filled with everything you need to satisfy your appetite and keep you going on the long winter nights. You can even eat it cold, straight from the pouch!


    No Christmas is complete without indulging in a pudding. Simply Hike have come up trumps with the pudding pouches they have in stock;

    Chocolate Sponge Pouch - Only £3.50

    Treacle Pudding Pouch - Only £3.50

    Spotted Dick and Custard Pouch - Only £3.50

    Fair Trade Energiser Bars
    If you need a snack in the day that will give you a boost of energy, then these energiser bars are for you. Made from Fair Trade Products they are also helping to contribute to a better world.

    Cappuccino Energiser Bar - Only £1.10

    Made from oats, cereals and fair trade golden syrup with a cappuccino flavour. Ideal for any snacking occassion.

    Mixed Berry Energiser Bar - Only £1.10

    Oats, Cereals, fair trade golden syrup and mixed berries make this a yummy bar with an added energy boost.

    Chocolate and Oats Energiser Bar - Only £1.10

    A cereal based flapjack bar covered in chocolate. Delicious, and it is fair trade and gives you a much needed boost.


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